20 June 2015

Balmain stripes

Top Balmain / Culottes Zara / Heels Fashionistas by Kurt Geiger / Jewellery Kalevala Koru & Pandora

Psst... These Zara culottes are now on SALE!

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14 June 2015

Choo Tease

Diane Von Furstenberg purple wrap dress Jimmy Choo Tease
Diane Von Furstenberg purple wrap dress Jimmy Choo Tease
Jimmy Choo Tease Diane Von Furstenberg purple wrap dress

Dress Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress / Shoes Jimmy Choo 'Tease' / Jewellery Rings Pandora & Kalevala Koru

Oh wow. I've published a blog post. Can you believe it? I thought I'd start this summer's blogging with a BANG, which is, naturally, a new pair of shoes.

Not just any shoes, Jimmy Choos. 

While touring Bavarian beer festivals I discovered that Germany is really, *really* good for Outlet shopping. These are one of the pairs I picked up, and I must say, they must be one of my favourite Choos - strappy and equipped with a platform for extra comfort, despite being 5 inches plus! What do you think of them? 

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12 April 2015

Make up reviews - loves and hates

Make up review on Benefit Oxygen Wow
'Beauty blogger' is not a term I could describe myself with. In fact, through its 3+ year history, this blog contains only one beauty post (now hidden from the public because I found my face so cringe-worthy!!), which mainly features me ranting about how hopeless I am with make up of all sorts. Nonetheless, the world of beauty blogging is something I've become increasingly interested in since starting my graduate job, and for better or worse, I've started to invest a load of time and money in the hopes of finding beautiful and long-lasting products. So, I've decided to brave up and do a review of some drugstore(ish) products that I've kept and I've ditched since I've started experimenting with new brands and products.

Firstly, this photo is missing two of my all-time favourites that I added to my collection over a year ago. There has been a lot of hype around these products, so after months of uuming and aahing finally decided to splurge on both. I was needing a new primer for a while as I have fallen out of love with Benefit's 'Poreprofessional'. I liked it to a certain extent at the start, but the silicon texture put me off after a while. Inspired by thousands of bloggers out there, I opted for Laura Mercier's Radiance Primer, which I think is superb. I find that the consistency - which is akin to a moisturiser - is much better in the long run as it reduces the cakey feeling of base make up. The second product - which I am absolutely crazy about - is Simga's F80 Kabuki brush. I know that my usual foundation - Laura Mercier's Silk Creme - is made for sponges but I find that this brush works as well as a beauty blender. It is pricier than many drugstore alternatives - retailing for £20 - but it does well like one of those quality products that will *fingers crossed* last for years.

Moving onto something that I'm in two minds about. Say hello to Benefit 'Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW' foundation, which I have in shade Honey. My normal foundation drawer consists of the abovementioned Laura Mercier foundation, MAC's Studio Fix and Giorgio Armani luminous silk, but for some reason I got convinced by my local Boots lady that I must have this foundation. Aaaaand, a mere 6 months later, I ended up giving Oxygen WOW to my sister. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't a truly awful foundation. I loved the light coverage and the 'sheer' look of the finish BUT the cons totally outweighed the pros. Firstly, the colour match wasn't great. The yellow undertones of 'Honey' completely overwhelmed my already yellow toned skin. In hindsight, I should have opted for a more peachy colour, but when I was at the Benefit counter the colour none of the other colours matched my skin. I also found it quite hard to blend with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (which is normally a miracle brush for all liquids), and it took forever to set. And when I say whenever, I mean, hours, even after I've set it with Laura Mercier's setting power. So, overall, I wasted £25 on this stuff, and taking that my all time favourite 'Luminous silk' is a mere £10 more, it's not really worth it...

I am still a bit of a novice when it comes to eye make up, especially eyeshadows, but I'm starting to get the hang of it (3 Urban Decay and 4 (!!) Laura Mercier palettes later). I tend not to buy individual shadows, although I do find them easier to travel with. Whenever I'm going for a weekend away, or I am on a business trip, I tend to pack Too Faced 'Lovey Dovey' duo eyeshadow, actually purchased from TK Maxx (where else?) for mere 5 quid. Very Urban Decay, but only your 2 favourite shadows. I also love YSL's mousse eyeshadows and blushes, and my all time favourite is a neon blue colour, which I use as an eyeliner for going out. When it comes to brows, I've tried everything from powder to gel to dye. For a long time, I couldn't find anything that'd give my bushy and totally overgrown brows a bit of shape. I decided to test a few different drugstore products, one of these being Gosh's 'Long Lasting Eye Brow Pen', which, at the time received RAVING reviews. I loved it for about a year, and I think it's great for everyone with a slighly reddish undertone - me not being one of them. After realising this,  I switched to Sleek's Brow Stylist, in which the colour light is a lot more ashy - hence better for my blonde complexion!

My haircare has pretty much stayed the same years, despite experimenting with different styles (I now have a fringe!). However, if I had to pick one product that has really stood out from the rest, it'd have to be Spornette's 'Little Wonder' Teasing Brush. This is definitely the best teasing brush I've ever come by, the effect is full on but my hair never ends up tangled or frizzy.

So, here ends my little make up post, what did you think? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned? I promise my next post will feature some shoes..

26 October 2014

I have new shoes!

Emilio Pucci Golden Sandals
Jimmy Choo black pattern sandals
1: Shoes and Clutch Emilio Pucci / 2: Saint Laurent 'Mary Jane' / 3: Jimmy Choo c.2009 (via Vestiaire Collective)

It took me 9 long months to recover from my toe/foot injury, but I'm (fingers crossed) over it now! To celebrate, here are some shoes I collected over the summer months. Love them all dearly.

25 August 2014

Making excuses

Oscar de la Renta sequin knit top
Missoni red zig zag scarf
Oscar de la Renta sequin knit top
Oscar de la Renta sequin knit top
Missoni red zig zag scarf

Top Oscar de la Renta / Trousers Vivienne Westwood Red Label / Scarf Missoni / Shoes Versace (also like these ones) / Watch Favre-Leuba / Rings Pandora / Jewellery Kalevala Koru

Two blog posts in one month? I'm on fire!

Right, this time I shall refrain from apologising and instead, just tell you how it is. I've been busy. And when I haven't been busy, I've been lazy. I've also been doing other exciting stuff, such as attending Glasgow's Commonwealth Games, hanging out with my beautiful friends and stuffing my face with curry. So sorry, but I'm not sorry. I sometimes prioritise Prawn Poori and Peshwari naan over this blog... and who wouldn't?

Now that's off my chest, I'll reveal more positive news - I have been shopping. A lot. And now I have a pile of new things to feature in this blog! Starting from this outfit - everything is new apart from the shoes and the scarf. Although I might have mentioned that I've worn these shoes a lot lately, this isn't to say there hasn't been new shoe purchases (*cough* Pucci *cough* YSL *cough* Casadei) too, and, on the plus side, I've now spent so much money that I'll be on the supernoodles for the next month, so there's an outside chance that you'll see another blog post or three.
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